Top 10 Best Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

17. Padangusthasana


Also Known As – Big Toe Pose

How It Works
A pose that fully stretches the hamstrings and tones the calf muscles. It strengthens your thighs, legs, and back while stimulating the functioning of the kidneys and liver.

It is one of the most basic poses and can be done by anyone. However, for beginners, it might take a while before they can fully bend and stretch.

18. Parsvottanasana


Also Known As – Pyramid Pose

How It Works
It is also called the Intense Side Stretch Pose as it involves deep stretching of both the sides of the body. It strengthens the quads, calf muscles, and hamstrings as you extend into the final posture. An easy way to tone and strengthen your legs.

This pose is not advisable for pregnant women and anyone with hamstring issues.

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