Top 10 Best Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

7. Bharadvajasana

Bharadvajasana - Yoga for Weight Loss

Also Known As – Seated Twist Pose

How It Works
The asana involves a deep twist and is an intermediary level pose that anyone can easily master with practice. It improves the natural flexibility of your upper body and also helps tone your shoulder blades.

Do not attempt if you have a headache or insomnia or if you are menstruating.

8. Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana - Yoga for Weight Loss

How It Works

This pose requires you to move your shoulder, neck, and spine in unison. The intense twist (one side at a time) helps in toning the sides, the upper body, as well as the abdominal muscles.

Do not attempt if you are menstruating or have headache or insomnia.

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