20 Shocking Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

Making Bad Condiment And Add-On Choices

Your condiments and add-ons could be toppling your calorie intake. This goes for things like using too much salad dressing or even adding bacon to your pizza. Other things that add too many calories include too much cheese, and even croutons in your salad.

Think healthier when ordering salads, sandwiches and even pizza. Less is better, and vegetables are always a wiser choice.

Eating When You’re Bored Or Busy

Mindless eating is a huge culprit in the battle to lose weight. If you snack while you work or watch TV and you aren’t keeping a food journal, you may be adding more calories than you realize to your day-to-day intake. Only eat when you are completely focused on the act of eating.

Eating just 20 potato chips is an added 162 calories!

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