10 Real Photos Of The Weirdest And Rarest Animals In The World

8. Tapir: Similar to the shape of a pig, this large herbivorous mammal is known for its snout. They are related to other animals with odd-toes that include donkeys, zebras, rhinos, and horses.

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9. Chinese Giant Salamander: Though it rarely reaches its largest size of 5.9 feet anymore, it is still known as the largest salamander in the world. They can be found in the streams and lakes of China and they were introduced to Japan. It is unfortunately an endangered species due too climate change, pollution, and loss of habitat.

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10. Giant Isopod: These freaky looking creatures are a great example of deep-sea gigantism similar to that of the giant squid. These giant isopods are significantly larger than the usual size (about 5 centimeters). The species is related to the woodlouse or pill bug and has the similar ability to curl into a ball to protect delicate areas.

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