20 Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World

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Our world is filled with the most amazing natural wonders, ones so spectacular that it’s hard to keep ourselves away from them, no matter how dangerous they are. Actually, the danger aspect seems to be what draws many people to the deadliest mountains in the world, as they tend to revel in the challenge that rough, demanding terrain and weather conditions creates for them. Some of the most hazardous means for enjoying – or challenging – everything nature has to offer come in the form of hiking trails such as the Huashan Trail or the top of the world hiking trail, and, oddly enough, it’s man that creates many of these hazards. Listed here are 25 of the most dangerous mountains to climb throughout the world, and many of the trails wouldn’t even exist if it were not for the interference of man. Such examples, including the world’s deadliest mountain, can be found in trails that only exist due to the very narrow wooden planks that have been secured into sheer cliff faces – thousands of feet above the ground I might add.

Many of the trails mentioned here have claimed lives, some dozens of them, but people just keep coming back for more. You might think they’re oblivious to the dangers of the most dangerous climb in the world, or just plain stupid, but the reality is that the reward is often worth the risk. While they’re certainly treacherous, these trails also traverse some of the most stunning landscapes on the planet, providing such expansive views that one feels humbled and inspired all at once. If you have the skills, experience, and stamina – plus the courage – to do so, then these risky trails, including the deadliest mountain to climb, may be worth a hike.

The Deadliest Mountains in the World

When attempting to summit these mountains on treacherous trails, you are truly taking your life in your hands. Whether it’s elevation or simply the lack of footholds, when you think of the most dangerous mountain to climb there’s so much that goes into making it truly deadly – and admirable when you conquer it!


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1. Huayna Picchu Trail, Peru

This trail leading to the famed site of Machu Picchu is so narrow, steep, and tricky that it’s completely closed throughout stretches of the rainy season.

2. The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah

Known for its remoteness, the Maze forms a labyrinthine series of cuts, gullies, and dead ends that are as confusing as they are precarious.


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3. Mount Hua Shan, China (Huashan Trail)

The most terrifying aspect of the Huashan Trail is that it wouldn’t even exist in places without these floating boards.

The Most Dangerous Mountain to Climb

Of course, many would say Mount Everest, but the truth is there are a variety of factors that increase difficulty in climbing a mountain. Besides elevation, there are other hazards including creaky boards along with chains anchored into rock that is eroding. Ultimately, when choosing to climb these beautiful but deadly peaks, preparation is a must.

4. El Caminito del Rey, Spain

Spain’s equivalent of the Hua Shan trail in China is by no means any less treacherous.


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5. Bright Angel Trail, Arizona

Between the extreme heat and the pure upward trek back, many hikers on this trail find themselves in need of aid from area park rangers.

6. Mount Washington, New Hampshire (The Deadliest Mountain in the Northeast)

If the sudden extreme cold doesn’t get you or you’re not sweep off a ridge by powerful winds, then you should be fine.


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7. Via Ferrata, Italy and Austria (Europe’s Deadliest Mountain to Climb)

This high alpine trail is so sheer and unyielding that the simple snap of a cable is all it would take to send you plummeting thousands of feet.

8. Longs Peak, Colorado

Don’t let the serene beauty of this mountain fool you – someone dies scaling its upper summits every year.


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9. Mist Trail, Half Dome, California

Located in Yosemite National Park, the possibility of lightening striking the cables along the upper trail, to the sleek and steep nature of the path can make this one of the deadliest mountains in the world. You might want to avoid any chance of rain here.

10. Aonach Eagach Ridge, Scotland

The trail along the top of this ridge is so thin, and the surrounding landscape so unruly, that once you start the hike you HAVE to finish it just to get back down without risking your life.


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11. Drakensberg Traverse

This jagged, expansive stretch of terrain, with its steep cliffs and rocky outcroppings, can take the breath away – in some cases permanently.

12. West Coast Trail, Vancouver

Canada’s most dangerous mountain to climb can be tricky just to traverse, but hikers also have to worry about run-ins with bears and cougars.


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13. Peek-a-boo Gulch, Utah

If narrow, confined spaces freak you out, then you’ll probably want to avoid this hike – especially since the chance of getting stuck here is no joke

14. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

While the views are certainly stunning, the chances for mud and rock slides, plus the often narrow, cliff-side trails, make Hawaii’s deadliest mountain a serious hike.


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15. Abrams Falls, Tennessee

The danger in the hike to this waterfall centers on hikers who venture along the slippery rocks of its summit or risk a swim in the powerful current at its base.

16. Huckleberry Mountain, Montana

A hungry bear stocking up on food for winter is a dangerous thing, and with estimates of one bear for every square mile, hiking here almost promises a taste of that danger.


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The Most Dangerous Climb in the World

What makes a particular climb dangerous? As you can see in this list, the biggest impediment to success usually the lack of footholds. In many cases, chains are drilled into the rock as a way up the mountain. Depending on how long the anchors have been embedded into the rock, they could have come loose. However, evaluating what makes a climb dangerous also includes altitude and weather. What may look like an easy climb could be deadly because of high winds or storms. Check weather before you decide to embark on these adventures.

17. Mt. Rainier’s Muir Snowfield, Washington State

The unexpected and often extremely harsh storms that sweep across this expanse, creating a snowy nightmare, have claimed countless lives – even during warmer months and make this Washington’s deadliest mountain to climb.

18. Maroon Bells South Ridge, Colorado

Nicknamed the Deadly Bells for a reason, hikers here are often beguiled by an unassuming but often highly unstable terrain, one where the ground can give way quite suddenly making it perhaps the most dangerous climb in the world.


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19. The Wendenstöcke

From narrow, treacherous paths that are easy to lose sight of, to vertical cliff faces, this over 9,000 foot climb requires great skill and stamina – not to mention guts.

20. Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

If you’re not threatened by the possibilities of malaria, crumbling paths, or heat stroke, then there’s every reason to give this hike a try.


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