15 Scariest Haunted Hiking Trails In The U.S

12. Norton Trail Creek, North Carolina

This one is almost too scary to even write about. According to Mother Nature Network, there’s a witch named Spearfinger, and she has “long, sharp finger made of stone, and she walked the Smokies’ trails disguised as an elderly woman and lured children who wandered too far from their village. She’d hold the children and sing them to sleep…” And, well, let’s just say it doesn’t end well. (There’s also a story about a fellow who was looking for his lost daughter, and was killed by Native Americans. But he’s OK; apparently, he helps lost travelers.)

13. Batona Trail, New Jersey

This 50-mile trail in rural New Jersey is supposedly home to the Jersey Devil. It seems back in the 1700s, a Mrs. Leeds was pregnant with her 13th child, and cursed it and wished it were dead. The state takes this one seriously—the New Jersey NHL team wasn’t named “Devils” by coincidence. And The X-Files did a show on this one, too. So the truth IS out there… somewhere. The website for Atlantic County, New Jersey says the cursed child “was born normal and took on odd characteristics later, characteristics such as an elongated body, winged shoulders, a large horse-like head, cloven feet and a thick tail.”


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