15 Scariest Haunted Hiking Trails In The U.S


6. Spruce Railroad Trail, Olympic National Park, Washington

The trail runs along Lake Crescent, and that (allegedly) is the home of “The Lady Of The Lake.” According to Backpacker, the husband of Hallie Latham Illingworth killed her back in 1937, and fisherman found her mummified body three years later. FWIW: Keep an eye peeled for her ghost on the 8-mile loop trail. Maybe keep two eyes peeled.cascas

7. Long Path, New York

You wanna follow the Long Path to Theills in Rockland County, New York. You’ll eventually pass Letchworth Village Cemetery. Letchworth was a mental institution built in 1911 for the “epileptic and feeble-minded” that housed mostly children, and hundreds of anonymous grave markers note their final resting places. Travel Channel notes they were subjected to clinical drug trials and suffered from abuse and extreme neglect. It was shut down in 1996, and trespassing is illegal. Except for ghosts.vcsac

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