Never date someone who can’t do these 7 things

4) Avoid Being Arrogant

A good partner should never let arrogance get in the way of a relationship.

Along with pride, arrogance can ruin a perfectly good relationship. It can lead to resentment and distrust and lots of trouble for people.

It’s not just in relationships though – arrogance can destroy careers and business relationships as well.

Staying with someone who is arrogant is asking for trouble.

Their arrogance is born of negative influence and perpetuated ideals that they are better than someone else. Avoid that kind of person like the plague.

5) Isn’t Rude to Others

You want to be with someone who isn’t mean or rude to others. They should recognize that when you are together, they represent the both of you in this relationship.

And if they are doing things that you wouldn’t do or saying things you wouldn’t say, they are not respecting that bond and presentation of “couple” to others.

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