Never date someone who can’t do these 7 things

If we can agree on one thing, it’s this…

When you decide to officially date someone, it’s incredibly important to choose wisely.

You’re going to be spending a hell of a lot of time together, and you’ll be undoubtedly getting close emotionally.

So if you make the wrong decision, not only are you wasting your precious time, but they could seriously stuff you up emotionally as well.

Trust me, I know from personal experience.

So if your potential lover can’t do these 7 things, believe me when I say: You should never ever date them!

1) Give You a Compliment

You deserve to be with someone who can tell you how beautiful you are without getting weird about it.

Some people don’t haul out the compliments unless it’s a special occasion, but it’s nice to hear that they are paying attention once in a while.

If your partner can’t tell you something nice or give you a compliment without being prompted, they are probably not the right person for you.

Giving someone a compliment means that they were paying attention, and we all want a little more attention in our lives.

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