21 relationship mistakes you will NEVER make again

12. Being selfish

If your previous relationship was only based on your needs and your ideas, there is a reason it failed. You must be willing to compromise and make sacrifices for another person.

13. Not communicating

If you constantly beat around the bush and expect your partner to read your mind, it only leads to frustration and confusion for both of you. Be honest and open about your feelings. Communication is the most important aspect of marriage.

14. Only using dating sites

Although many happy couples have been found through dating websites and apps, there is still the traditional way of walking up to someone in a coffee shop and giving them your number. The real world can be more trustworthy than the digital world at times.

15. Taking things too personally

If you can’t take a joke or if you feel like everyone is out to get you, there may be a lot of tension in your relationship. Don’t take every comment personally or it may backfire.

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