21 relationship mistakes you will NEVER make again

8. Making a mountain out of a molehill

Don’t be quick to get upset about the small stuff. Don’t make a fuss out of simple things; doing so is not healthy for any relationship. Save the argument for something that truly matters.

9. Getting serious too quickly

When the heat is rising quickly, it is best to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Do you truly know this person through and through? Do they know you? Don’t force commitment on them. Let things happen naturally.

10. Having an ideal list

Having a list that consists of blonde, blue eyes and looks like Ryan Gosling is a quick way to set your relationships up for failure. Don’t pass on going out with someone great just because they don’t measure up to all of the qualities on your list. If so, you will find yourself disappointed often.

11. Your relationship takes up everyone’s social media feed

Your relationship is between you and your partner. Too often people share more photos or experiences with their partner on Facebook than they should. A healthy relationship means spending time with each other, not depending on other people to silently judge and issue their opinions through constant posts.

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