21 relationship mistakes you will NEVER make again

4. Constant texting

In this new generation, couples beginto grow anxious when they aren’t constantly texting one another. Being able to trust each other when you aren’t together is a vital part of a healthy relationship. Give each other space.

5. Moving too fast

If you are beginning to hear wedding bells after only two dates, you may need to take time to slow things down. Just because they seem to be compatible doesn’t mean you have seen all sides of them. Let your relationship flow at a healthy pace.

6. Staying with someone when they don’t make you happy

If you constantly find yourself complaining about your partner’s actions or interests, or if they keep disappointing you, don’t settle for the relationship. Don’t sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of someone else.

7. Running away from commitment

Commitment can be frightening, but it is not the end of the world. Don’t walk away from someone just because you are afraid of getting hurt or settling down. In truth, if this person is amazing and you love them, they will make your life nothing but better.

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