Top 10 Worst iOS Apps Killing Your Battery : iOS11

6. Skype

Skype is a useful app for many, and it’s even used in a lot of work-related instances. But despite its practical usage, Skype is absolute poison for battery life — and can even overheat devices when it’s left open. That’s because of its particularly inefficient background process.

This may not be an option for some, but the best case scenario is to ditch Skype and use FaceTime for video calling. Save Skype for use on your Mac or PC.

Really, the only way to deal with Skype’s battery-hog ways is to neuter its ability to be useful. It’s constantly checking for VoIP calls when you’re using Wi-Fi — even if it’s not running in the background. You can change this in the Skype settings, however. But again, it’s less useful if you aren’t being notified of your incoming calls.

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