7 Amazing Hidden Features and Upgrades my iOS 11 to Next Level of iOS 12

iOS 11 was a major update to the iPhone and iPad’s operating system, and it brought a handful of useful features and upgrades to the platform. But despite the fact that iOS 11 is still relatively new, we’re already looking ahead to next year’s update: iOS 12.

1.True Connectivity Toggles

iOS 11 changed the way that the Bluetooth and Wi-FI toggles in Control Center work. Of course, the goal of that change was to ensure that connectivity with first- and third-party devices is more stable.

But it’s also annoying that there isn’t a more convenient option to turn off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi entirely. Apple could easily solve this by adding a proper “off” toggle in Control Center — maybe by way of a long-press or 3D Touch command.

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