12 Amazing Hidden Secrets Every iPhone X Users Needs to Know : IOS

2. Bring back the home button (sort of)

Honestly, you get used to not having a home button pretty quickly. But if you simply can’t live without it, there is a way to bring it back (albeit in virtual form).

Go to General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and turn it on. You’ll now see a virtual home button that you can customize to activate shortcuts.

You can set the virtual button to go home with a single-tap, double-tap, long press, or 3D Touch. Or set the button for other shortcuts like launching Control Center. Additionally, if you’re worried about screen-burn in, we recommend lowering the “Idle Opacity” setting below the 40 percent default.

In some ways this virtual home button is more versatile than a physical one. You don’t have to place it where the real button used to be — it can be place anywhere along the sides of the display.

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