10 Amazing Secrets From Top Interior Designers to Better Your Home : Home Decoration

Sometimes we need a little help with our homes. Whether we have lived in our homes for 2 months of twenty years, we all need to change things up from time to time. Our lives our ever changing and this should also be reflected in our living spaces. Changes can be simple, the purchase of a few new accessories, or perhaps a painting. But maybe a big change is due, a new paint color, some new furniture, perhaps even a remodel. Following are some very simple and Amazing secrets from some well known interior designers to help you transform your living space to best reflect your style and personality.

1. “The first rule about decorating is that you can break almost all the other rules.” — Billy Bladwin

Something almost all decorators will tell you is that rules are meant to be broken. It is more important that the decor in your home reflects your living style and your personality than any conventional rule. It is important, however, to find balance so that a home doesn’t become to stale and boring or too busy and distracting.

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