14 High-Fiber Nutrition Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Black Beans

1/2 cup, 114 calories, 8 grams fiber
One of the lower-calorie beans, black beans are as versatile as they are stunning. Add them to this high-protein chicken and black bean burrito bowl, dump them into this southwestern rice and bean salad, or make this hearty chili.

Bulgur, cooked

1 cup, 142 calories, 8 grams fiber
If you haven’t used bulgur in recipes before, try it; it just might become your new favorite ingredient. It’s a bit like couscous, and cooks just as quickly. A full cup — which will easily fill you up — contains less than 200 calories.

Add roasted, grilled, or raw veggies, and toasted nuts or seeds, plus a teaspoon of olive oil, and the juice of a lemon or lime, and you have one tasty brown-bag lunch to tote to work.

This nutritious whole grain can be eaten like oatmeal, added to salads, or enjoyed as a side dish like this bulgur fruit stuffing.

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