14 High-Fiber Nutrition Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

How Much Fiber Should You Eat?

The 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that women ages 19–50 get from 25–28 grams of fiber daily; men ages 19–50 should aim for 30–34 grams each day.

Fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains contain high amounts of fiber. But if you’re having trouble meeting your daily fiber targets, Shakeology is a quick (and delicious!) way to get you there.

With 16 to 17 grams of protein per glass (depending on the flavor) Shakeology comes in at roughly the same protein level as a serving of Greek yogurt (18 grams per 7 ounces) or tofu (16 grams in 7 ounces).

And it surpasses eggs, which check in at 12 grams for two. While it’s not as high as meat or fish, it still has enough protein for it to count as a red container in the Portion Fix Container system.

If you want to make extra sure you hit your fiber goal, a supplement like Digestive Health can help. This fiber supplement is an excellent source of dietary fiber that’s designed to help keep you regular while supporting your digestive health.*

You can get 40 percent of your daily recommended amount of fiber when you add this boost to your daily Shakeology.

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