9 Factors to Consider to Get Relief in Bodybuilding

8) Love to green tea

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It is hardly possible to find a kind of tea that would be harmful to our body. But if it is the idea of losing weight, there is nothing more useful than green tea. Research has shown that he has a tremendous positive effect on the fat burning process. And in order to increase efficiency, take tea extract, not natural. Proved that a more efficient action of the extract. It should drink every day, the daily rate is about 500 mg.

9) Try conjugated linoleic acid

Leading sports physicians around the world proved that this acid contributes to the effective loss of fat stores and also has a positive effect on hypertrophy of muscle fibers. Furthermore, it positively affects muscle strength. As recent studies, conjugated linoleic acid has an action directed to the splitting of fat deposits in the abdominal area. It is this area is the most problematic in most men on this planet, getting rid of fat in it is a very difficult task.

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