9 Factors to Consider to Get Relief in Bodybuilding

4) The use of sugar substitutes should be kept to a minimum

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Many athletes believe that you can remove from your diet sugar in its pure form, and instead use substitutes. This judgment is erroneous. Overreliance on sugar substitutes could stop the burning of fat. According to scientists, stimulating appetite soda possible even if you do not feel hunger. That is why their use should be limited. Those who cannot really do without sugar, it is recommended to try stevia — a natural substitute containing no calories.

5) The use of soy protein

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Containing soy protein is best suited for drying. This is the low-calorie product of its kind, it contains enough protein, and it is perfectly nourishes the body. The practice of drying in the soy protein has long been used by many bodybuilders. But its use is no substitute for food with high protein and low fat percentage, it must be consumed daily.

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