10 Amaing Easy Yoga Poses That Will Cure Your Back Pain Quickly

Remember when we were little kids, we used to enact an old person as someone with a bent back, with one hand on his back for support and the other grasping a walking stick. Back pain is not something only old people suffer from these days. Adults of all age tend to complain of back pain. Sitting in one position for long, or maintaining an improper posture while sitting causes back pain. And when the corrective measures are not taken immediately, it leads to chronic back pain.

The backbone of our body pretty much handles the entire weight of our body. The teeny tiny bones of the vertebrae join together to support the entire upper body. However, when these small pieces of bone are forced to stay too long in one position, the weight over them consequently increase. According to some reports, the head weights 5 kg. When the neck is bent for too long, the muscles start getting tired, and the force on the neck bones equals to around 20 kg sometimes. Imagine what happens when we stay hunched for too long. It actually no wonder we experience the pain in our back.

Making suitable changes in our routine can help improve the condition of your back. Taking breaks between long working hours or switching to a different and more comfortable chair do make a difference. However, this brings about the improvements a little slowly. If you wish for a quick and easy back pain relief, then you have come to the right place. Yoga is the quickest solution to your problem. Let me show you how.

How can yoga for back pain work?

Yoga is sometimes considered a healing art. The asanas or poses of this art help in building up your muscle and improve your muscle strength. Other than the obvious, it can cure chronic back pain too. The poses might appear but look a little closer, and you will see that they can be done with a little proper guidance. They are probably the best methods to treat back pain.

Note: these asanas or poses are for people who suffer from sore back and chronic back pain. It is recommended for people with severe pain to refrain from trying these out without consulting your doctor first.

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